The first InnoPeaks Demo Day

The first InnoPeaks Demo Day was held on 15 March 2019 in Sion, in the brand new service centre of Groupe Mutuel. The event was the culminating point of a 12-week programme aimed at accelerating startups in healthcare and insurance technology.


The culminating point of InnoPeaks

Some 140 persons attended the event that was held on 15 March in Sion.

Nine startups from seven countries summarised the results of their hard work through a series of convincing and intensive pitches.

The event was a platform for discussion and the opportunity to develop new partnerships and business contacts. The Demo Day also served to strengthen the ability of startups to deliver pitches and to convince partners to enter potential collaboration opportunities.

It was a challenge on both an academic and networking level and included exchanges with health professionals or providing support in terms of innovation.

A high-level panel brought together Paul Rabaglia, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Mutuel, Xavier Comtesse, author, as well as a mentor at InnoPeaks and a co-founder of HEALTH@LARGE, and Nicolas Loeillot, Chief Innovation Officer at Groupe Mutuel. The three panellists presented ideas for future challenges and the major trends in health technology and user experience. Afterwards, the debate was opened to a particularly attentive audience.

The audience was of course one of the main focuses of the Demo Day. It included all people met during the programme, the various communities, mentors, investors, talents, prospects, media, as well as representatives of the Fusion team, which organized the event, Idiap and Groupe Mutuel.

The meetings and exchanges were many and varied, ranging from discussions during the panel and questions from the audience after each pitch, to one-to-one exchanges during the cocktail that followed. Ultimately, the event saw the creation of a genuine community of like-minded individuals.


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The Demo Day also marks the beginning of a relationship with Groupe Mutuel for startups, in a form that is always unique.

Once entrepreneurs have acquired a good understanding of the Swiss business environment, including of its players and market opportunities, they can better assess their startup business model and consider projects in collaboration with different companies. In this case, with Groupe Mutuel.

For Groupe Mutuel, it is the opportunity to highlight and showcase the work carried out, both internally and externally, as well as to engage with motivated and ambitious business people. For entrepreneurs, the challenge is precisely to make successful connections between their startups and the large companies in attendance.

Though the Demo Day, Groupe Mutuel shows that it is committed to innovation, by encouraging talented people to join the programme. It’s a real challenge for a company today to attract talent in Switzerland, in the current tough competitive environment.

Therefore, Groupe Mutuel is committed to innovation and taking significant initiatives. It calls itself into question, attempts to anticipate the future and strives to improve its processes and services.


The response to Demo Day? Energy, vitality, conviction, confidence: watch the videos. If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand photos.


“The aim of Demo Day is to show the world, the community involved or others who may be interested, the result of the startup acceleration process. It also marks the beginning of a working relationship with Groupe Mutuel, conveying the following message: you are now ready to work with us!” Nicolas Loeillot, CIO Groupe Mutuel

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