Let’s be open to the world!

InnoPeaks is spending more time on the road

InnoPeaks is a unique platform located in the heart of the Alps in canton Valais. Those who know InnoPeaks, also know that it has a unique spirit, energy and location.

How about those of you who haven’t had time to visit? Easy! If you don’t go to InnoPeaks, InnoPeaks will come to you!

An innovation platform exists through its visibility and links with the outside world. In this context, InnoPeaks conducted four one-day roadshows in January 2019 to create opportunities for meetings, discussions and networking with potential partners, including investors, customers, talents, prospects and media. Where? In Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich and Valais, in locations such as the EPFL, Google and Hôpital du Valais.


Startups must make themselves known

Startups must make themselves known to the outside world, while having the opportunity to find out more about the Swiss business environment, meet local players and build networking opportunities.

This is the particular focus of InnoPeaks’ second edition (October 2019 – March2020) during which startups will be able to introduce themselves. For those who can’t make it to Valais, the roadshows will be the opportunity for partners and investors to meet the startups in Lausanne (EPFL) or in Zurich (with Swiss Healthcare Startups), for example.

Another aim of InnoPeaks is to coach entrepreneurs to deliver a convincing pitch: strengthen how they promote their startup and business model. This requires practice, which is acquired through getting out there and networking with representatives of larger companies that could become potential customers. Or through meeting other innovation players, such as talents whom can contribute to the startup’s success (whether as recruits or advisors). Not to mention potential investors…


National ambitions

From the very first edition of InnoPeaks, ambitions were nationwide. This meant reaching out to the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Zurich and Valais. In Valais, InnoPeaks met with the Hôpital du Valais, where the startups were in direct contact with health professionals.

Thanks to the roadshows, InnoPeaks will be able to increase its visibility as a potential partner in the medical and health system and in the Swiss market for health technology and innovation. This is contagious: in turn, people are encouraged to share their expertise and experience such as by becoming mentors of the platform and by supporting entrepreneurs in the next edition.

For InnoPeaks’ second edition, one of the main objectives will be to target potential investors and customers during roadshows, whether in business or academic circles. The aim is also to meet pharma groups, laboratories and specialised investment funds.

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The secret? Be known and get to know others.

For businesspersons and startup entrepreneurs, roadshows provide an opportunity to gain insight into the Swiss market and to get to know the key players in health and innovation at both federal and cantonal level. Roadshows help create useful connections for success, are a great way to see what has been put into place during the program and help them realise that they have become innovative entrepreneurs who are able to showcase their achievements in the best possible way.

For Groupe Mutuel, roadshows show that it is committed to innovation, by drawing inspiration from the outside world and making connections with external players. This, ultimately, to create better conditions for insured persons and patients, and to enhance the efficiency of its services. The message conveyed by the roadshows?  Let’s be open to the world!

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