InnoPeaks was at VivaTech…

…at least as a visitor!

We have to confess that in 2018, as a new accelerator, we were more focused on building solid foundations for InnoPeaks rather than expanding outside Switzerland.

VivaTech in Paris was a huge event: 13,000 startups were announced and a unique design allowed large corporations to present their accelerated startups to the world in a very “open innovation” atmosphere.

Beyond the corporations’ massive exhibition stands, some countries and continents also stood out impressively at the event. This was the case for Africa, but also for Korea, Taiwan and, of course, Switzerland, whose stand attracted an incredible number of visitors. As usual, the small alpine country did far better than many others! Switzerland is one of the innovation powerhouses of Europe and this was demonstrated once again at VivaTech.

We will not have an exhibition stand at VivaTech 2020. However, let us define our expectations today! We will make every effort to be visible in the next edition and to bring the InnoPeaks 2019 startups to Paris. We have a range of possibilities before us…

Our goals are many and varied: to offer maximum visibility to the InnoPeaks’ startups and to promote their approach beyond the Swiss market, to find co-development opportunities for Groupe Mutuel and to open our innovation initiatives to external collaborations.

So… let’s meet at VivaTech 2020!


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