InnoPeaks: the first edition is in full swing!

InnoPeaks: the first edition is in full swing!

Groupe Mutuel, a leading insurance company in Switzerland, has launched an open innovation platform entirely dedicated to developing start-ups with a focus on Healthtech, Fintech and Insurtech: InnoPeaks – Innovation Lab by Groupe Mutuel. Since 8 October, 11 start-ups from all over the world have taken up residence in the heart of the Swiss Alps where they will stay for three months. Plenty of excitement in store around the accelerator experience!

A business incubator in line with the reality of the market

In Martigny, the start-ups chosen by InnoPeaks can take advantage of high-level coaching and the necessary infrastructure for their development. With a focus on essential topics such as Healthtech and Insurtech, the platform provides start-ups with the opportunity to help rethink the health and insurance ecosystem. InnoPeaks also provides concrete support:

  • access to the Swiss market, one of the most mature and innovative in the world
  • the possibility to work with health insurance experts in Switzerland
  • proximity to the best international researchers in artificial intelligence (Idiap Research Institute)
  • use of data from the Swiss market
  • coaching from experienced and visionary mentors
  • a Swiss funding ecosystem provided by Fusion, and backing from IBM Watson, Amazon AWS and Google.

An extensive programme to ensure successful growth

Eleven start-ups from across the world (Russia, the United States and Europe) passed the selection hurdle allowing them to take up residence in Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Ten start-ups were chosen among the 100 applications submitted to Groupe Mutuel by Fusion.

 An eleventh start-up joined the ranks after having won an award at the International Create Challenge 3-weeks hackathon that was organised summer 2018 by Idiap.

At the end of the accelerator process, on March 14th 2019, the start-ups will present their work during a Demo Day.

The start-ups selected for the 2018/2019 edition

advAIsor (Switzerland) – reading the meaning and emotional context of emails, in order to inform users if they convey a positive or negative tone.

AQrion Medical (Switzerland) – an advanced navigation system and pre-operative planning tool for spine surgeons (NaviSpine).

Czam (France) – digital assets and tokens with blockchain technology.

Emotion Research Lab (Spain) – recognition of facial emotions and eye tracking to better understand human behaviour.

Helpper (Belgium) – connecting persons who would like a home help with available residents in the neighbourhood. 

Medicus (Austria) – converting health data into a visual experience, with user-friendly information and personalised recommendations.

Mendability (United States) – affordable access to specific needs and treatments for families of children with development disabilities.

Popit (Finland) – pills connected through a small device and mobile application. The solution provides real-time data on pill consumption.

Qapsula (Russia) – a virtual personal assistant to help you manage your health. Access to highly qualified physicians, an extensive knowledge base and a system to prevent illnesses.

Swiss Vault Systems (Switzerland) – a patented solution for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers. This solution makes it easier to manage large amounts of health-related data, at a lower overall cost and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Tribe Wearables (Greece) – “Wearables” technology platform for sportswear brands to provide a better fitness experience and improve customer loyalty and sales.

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