5 Questions to… Healint


1) Who are you?

Healint’s ambition is to disrupt chronic pain treatment methodologies for the sake of patients and be perceived as the leading reference actor of progress in that particular field. We want to reach this objective while providing collaborative, innovative user-centric solutions built to help patients better manage and reduce their chronic pain. To do so, we bring together our know-how in data science and our passion, to deliver technologies and solutions that empower patients, doctors, and researchers through their journey. In this light, we have created Migraine Buddy, an app that gathers more than 1.9 million users globally and helps patients manage their migraines and headaches. We continuously work towards improving Migraine Buddy while developing other disruptive solutions in healthcare with the patients as our consistent north star.


2) What is the story behind Healint?

The inspiration of Francois’ Cadiou, CEO and founder of Healint, arose out of a medical emergency, when his father suffered from a sudden stroke. He realized there were numerous uses of technology that would allow people to monitor behavior, stress and other factors that could potentially predict the onset of a medical episode. This could be for strokes or a complex condition like a migraine.
In 2014, he collaborated with top scientists and researchers to launch Migraine Buddy, which is now the top migraine tracking platform in the world with more than 1.9 million users. People use the Migraine Buddy app to track and record their migraine symptoms and conditions. The patient-reported outcomes, generated via the platform, helps patients understand their condition, and get the best possible diagnosis, treatment, and insights for research and clinical trials.


3) What is your company motto?

By striving towards optimizing the way we listen to patients and understanding the full circle of chronic pain management, we aim to improve the quality of life and put the power of technology in the patient’s hands.


4) What are your company’s biggest challenges?

Built on technology, we have created a user-centric program involving multiple stakeholders (patients, doctors, researchers, and lab). This platform facilitates chronic pain understanding, and helps patients find personalized solutions with their different health partners. The main challenge we face is to grow and be able to hire the best human talent to dynamically support and grow a global user base, even further with the level of stakeholder management required.


5) What made you want to join the InnoPeaks program?

We were attracted by the digital transformation strategy that aims to position Groupe Mutuel as a customer’s life partner and we were particularly interested in the way Groupe Mutuel is aiming to create seamless healthcare services through partnerships with start-ups focused on personalized treatment, preventive care and personalized life coaching.
With our database of proven users in Switzerland, and our already implemented coaching solutions with other corporate clients, who are also based in Switzerland; we believe that we can bring major added value in improving the Swiss healthcare ecosystem at our level.

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