5 Questions to… ExactCure

1) Who are you?

I am Fabien Astic, Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at ExactCure, which I run together with Frédéric Dayan, CEO and Sylvain Bénito, Chief Scientist Officer. ExactCure is a European pioneer startup developing a software solution to reduce the impact of inaccurate medications.

Our Digital Twin simulates the efficacy and interactions of medicines in the body of a patient based on their personal characteristics. We help the patient avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. Through the app, they can share their personalized simulations with health professionals.


2) What is the story behind ExactCure?

Five years ago, Dr Prof. Beaune, Head of a Research Unit specialized in Personalized Medicine at a tier-1 fundamental research institute in France (Inserm), was discussing with Frédéric: “I teach my
medical students”, he said, “…that they should prescribe more drugs to an obese patient, and less drugs to a patient with kidney failure. But what if the patient is both obese and has a kidney problem? As of today, I have no tool to quantify the respective impacts of obesity and kidney failure! Frédéric, can you help me” This is the exact moment when ExactCure was born.


3) What is your company motto?

Your Digital Twin for a Personalized Medication.

4) What are your company’s biggest challenges?

We are sprung from fundamental research, so our biggest challenge is not technological, but is to find the right business model. Indeed, we propose a disruptive technology, which means usual usage
scenarios will be transformed; and it is not easy to change habits, especially in the Health sector, which is conservative.


5) What made you want to join the InnoPeaks program?

ExactCure is part of several acceleration programs: most of them offer pitch trainings and reviews of our business model, which is no longer what we need. However, Groupe Mutuel has a unique approach, oriented towards operational project development in order to test and validate initial hypothesis; which is exactly what we need! Through the InnoPeaks program, we will work on the integration of our solution based on Groupe Mutuel’s overall strategy, as well as target real-life experiments. Also, the team building approach both between startups, as well as with Groupe Mutuel and its senior management, works super well.


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