5 Questions to… Dermintel


1) Who are you?

We are a marketing technology startup whose mission is to harness the power of chat technologies to collect insights in real-time and enhance engagement. We believe that chat conversations are the frontline of interactions; a gateway to understanding people’s in-the-moment emotions, habits and behaviors; and a new model for engagement and education.


2) What is the story behind Dermintel?

We started off with a simple idea to help with patient insights and engagement using messaging technologies. “Dermin” is urban slang to describe a small dog that constantly barks to get attention. Our mission is to capture that voice of the user in a rapid and simple manner and enable companies to enhance their engagement with them.


3) What is your company motto?

Harnessing the Power of Chat to Help People Thrive.


4) What are your company’s biggest challenges?

Like most early stage startups, getting traction is a challenge.


5) What made you want to join the InnoPeaks program?

Innopeaks is a practical program that equips early-stage startups with business basics toolkits and opportunities to learn about the Swiss healthcare market. Having the opportunity to also understand what a company is doing and to have potential opportunities to collaborate was also a big draw. The combination of both is powerful.

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