5 Questions to… Check Your Health


1) Who are you?

Check Your Health is a Swiss startup from Lausanne in the field of digital health. We empower consumers to take ownership of their health, with easy and affordable testing kits in order to get understandable results from the comfort of their home.


2) What is the story behind Check Your Health?

Following a frustrating medical journey experience, our Founder thought there had to be a better way to make lab testings easy, accessible, undertandable and affordable – for any consumer. Today, being proactive about your health is tedious: waiting for hours in doctors’ waiting rooms, paying exorbitant and unexpected medical bills, and receiving incomprehensible lab test results, without any personalized interpretation. We want to make this better, easier and above all consumer-centered!


3) What is your company motto?

We empower you to own and understand your health, in an easy, convenient and affordable way.


4) What are your company’s biggest challenges?

Check Your Health has developed an MVP which is ready for the market. Our challenge today is to identify our consumer personas and how to reach them via tailored marketing campaigns, SEO, and other B2B2C e-commerce promotion strategies.


5) What made you want to join the InnoPeaks program?

As the African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Innopeaks is a unique opportunity for Check Your Health to grow in an ecosystem with innovative startups from around the world, interact with passionate and inspiring people and meet experts in the field of health, prevention, and insurance. There are not many opportunities like Innopeaks in Switzerland, so Check Your Health is very grateful to have been selected by InnoPeaks and Groupe Mutuel to be part of this acceleration program.

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