5 Questions to… Altoida

1) Who are you ?

Irene is a clinical neuroscientist with a research background in Alzheimer’s disease. She has worked in clinical research and the development of digital biomarkers and is now contributing to Altoida’s mission of earlier Alzheimer’s diagnosis in the capacity of Product and Innovation manager.

Altoida Inc. is the leading Digital Health innovator utilizing active Digital Biomarkers and cutting-edge technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR), to collect functional and cognitive data to classify a patient’s risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) due to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). 


2) What is the story behind Altoida?  

Our key product, the Altoida Neuro Motor Index (NMI), is a Medical Device to detect MCI due to AD six to ten years prior to the onset of symptoms. It measures cognition by assessing micro errors.


3) What is your company motto?

Join us on our noble mission to Better Brain Health!



4) What are your company’s biggest challenges?

To enable a quick and smooth access to the tool. Right now, it is a pretty lengthy process to download Altoida NMI, however, we are working on bringing it to the App store, which will make things much easier.


5) What made you want to join the InnoPeaks program?

The innovative spirit of Groupe Mutuel, the potential for a collaboration to support people in maintaining better brain health, and the possibility to work closely with other digital healthcare startups.


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